The Electricity Information Sharing and Analysis Center offers security services to owner and operator organizations of the Bulk Power System across North America.

Sector-Specific Cyber and Physical Security Threat Intelligence

The E-ISAC provides Indicator of Compromise (IOC) feeds and helps augment its members with technical expertise. We will connect your dots.

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Tailored Cyber Security Knowledge

Learn how to report, respond, and improve. The E-ISAC offers expertise tailored to the Electricity Subsector.

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Physical Security Collaboration

Receive physical security advice and counsel pre, during, and post incident. Receive training on sector-specific physical security initiatives, technologies, and evolving trends.

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The Grid

The Electricity Information Sharing and Analysis Center (E-ISAC) offers security services to owner and operator organizations of the Electricity Subsector across North America.


Since 1998, the E-ISAC has been providing security services to electricity service owners and operators in the USA, Canada, and portions of Mexico. The E-ISAC’s mission is to be the trusted source for Electricity Subsector security information. The E-ISAC gathers and analyzes security information, coordinates incident management, and communicates mitigation strategies with stakeholders within the Electricity Subsector, across interdependent sectors, and with government partners. The E-ISAC, in collaboration with the Department of Energy and the Electricity Subsector Coordinating Council (ESCC), serves as the primary security communications channel for the Electricity Subsector and enhances the subsector’s ability to prepare for and respond to cyber and physical threats, vulnerabilities, and incidents.

The E-ISAC is operated on behalf of the Electricity Subsector by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation.


The Operations Desk

Connecting security operations to the subsector.

The Operations Desk offers a central channel to escalate physical security and cybersecurity issues, allows members to gain cybersecurity services such as IOC analysis and malware reverse engineering, and has the ability to quickly disseminate information to the subsector or government.

Platform Technologies

Become more efficient.

Extend your security team’s capabilities by leveraging platforms and tools used by E-ISAC members. Leverage the same tools the E-ISAC Operations Desk uses daily or help drive the subsector forward by contributing to development efforts.

Cyber Security Depth

Learn from the subsector.

Leverage both the ISAC and subsector experiences to better defend your enterprise and control networks. The E-ISAC is focused on addressing the vulnerabilities and threats that most relate to the unique systems and processes used in the Electricity Subsector.


Who can be members of the E-ISAC?

All vetted electricity owners and operators in North American may participate in E-ISAC activities. Although the ISAC framework is a U.S. government construct, the E-ISAC extends across the bulk power system territory, which includes all of the U.S. and Canada, and portions of Mexico. Suggested members should include titles of Chief Security Officer, Security Director, Security Supervisor, and Intelligence/Information Analysts. Membership is free. For more information on joining the E-ISAC, email:

Why participate?

E-ISAC members receive: private-level situational awareness on security threats, including alerts; physical security and cybersecurity bulletins; remediation; task force reviews; events calendars; and other security-specific resources. Members are encouraged to use the E-ISAC’s trusted forums to network and share candidly, directly with peers.

How do I register for the E-ISAC site?

If your company is already a member, you can create your account here. If your company is not yet a member you can contact for more information.

Can vendors become members?

The E-ISAC portal is currently restricted to owner/operators and selected government partners.

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Sharing and Analysis

Members and partners are encouraged to route information through established channels. If you are not a member, but wish to contact a member or otherwise disclose information, please contact the Operations Desk.

Regulatory Event Reporting

For CIP-008 and EOP-004 event reporting, the E-ISAC recommends that companies use the NERC EOP-004 Form or the DOE OE-417 Form. Any such event reporting can be sent to the Operations Desk in addition to any regulatory requirements.


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Operations Desk

After Hours Incident Hotline
  • P: (404) 446-9780 Option #2

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