Christmas Bombing in Downtown Nashville

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Date Added: 12/26/2020 8:58 AM EST
Date Modified: 12/26/2020 8:58 AM EST
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On December 25th, there were multiple reports of a large explosion that occurred in downtown Nashville.  According to law enforcement, the explosion, which originated from a van parked in the area, appears to be an intentional act.  After the incident, gas lines were shut off in the area, and AT&T experienced outages, which forced the Federal Aviation Administration to temporarily halt flights out of the Nashville International Airport. However, there is nothing to suggest this attack was targeting the bulk power system in any way.

Federal authorities were not, and are not, aware of any increased chatter nationally by known extremist groups that would indicate any credible plans for conducting attacks around the holidays and currently, according to DHS and FBI, this does not appear to be part of a larger plot.

At this time,  there is no information to suggest there is a credible threat against the electricity sector.  However, the E-ISAC will continue to monitor and provide relevant updates when they occur.

If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to us at or at 202-790-6000.  Members and partners are encouraged to share information via the E-ISAC Watch at operations[@] [mailto:operations[@]], posting appropriate information on the E-ISAC Portal, or calling 202-790-6000 (24/7).

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