China behind major cyber attack on Australian governments and businesses

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According to multiple sources, China is believed to be the nation behind ongoing cyber-attacks on Australian institutions, including hospitals and state-owned utilities. The ongoing cyber-attacks are targeting all levels of government institutions, as well as private businesses.  Australian officials believe they are being targeted for banning Huawei and other companies from involvement in their 5G network, as well as Australia pushing for an international inquiry into the course and spread of COVID-19.While the Australia determined last March that China was responsible for a hacking attack on Australia’s parliament, the attacks have intensified in recent weeks.  On Friday, China’s government rejected suggestions of a large-scale hacking attack.  Scott Morrison, the Australian Prime Minister, would not take the formal step of publicly naming which state actor he believed to be behind the attacks, but senior sources confirmed China is believed to be behind the malicious attacks. The Prime Minister emphasized the attacks "hadn't just started", and were ongoing

The E-ISAC Watch Operations Team will continue to monitor and update the organization as information is received on this matter. 

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