Microsoft Guidance on Remote Work Considerations

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Date Added: 03/13/2020 5:18 PM EDT
Date Modified: 03/13/2020 5:18 PM EDT
Areeza Rizvi | E-ISAC Staff


Microsoft issued a public advisory yesterday in light of the need for many companies to suddenly shift to an increase in employees working from home in response to the global pandemic COVID-19. The article highlighted the importance of remaining productive without increasing cyber security risk. Some considerations highlighted include implementing official chat tools to allow for a proper communication channel for the workforce, utilization of Azure AD Conditional Access to secure access to cloud applications, and the Azure AD Application Proxy for publishing on-premises applications for remote availability.

Due to the increase in remote work, it is highly likely that organizations will also see an increase in the use of personal devices accessing company data. Therefore, using Azure AD Conditional Access and Microsoft Intune app protection policies together can help manage and protect corporate data in approved applications on these personal devices. One of the best ways to improve security for employees working from home is to utilize multi-factor authentication by utilizing Windows Hello biometrics as well as smartphone authentication apps like Microsoft Authenticator.

For the full report by Microsoft, please visit:

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