Resilience for Grid Security Emergencies: Opportunities for Industry–Government Collaboration

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Charlotte Gaither | E-ISAC Staff


Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory just released a report by Dr. Paul Stockton entitled (and linked here): Resilience for Grid Security Emergencies: Opportunities for Industry–Government Collaboration.

The report discusses potential Emergency Orders from the US Department of Energy that come from changes to the Federal Power Act as modified by the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act.  The statute authorizes the Secretary of Energy to order emergency measures, following a Presidential declaration of a grid security emergency, to protect or restore the reliability of critical electric infrastructure or defense critical electric infrastructure during the emergency. A grid security emergency could result from a physical attack, a cyber-attack using electronic communication, an electromagnetic pulse (EMP), or a geomagnetic storm event, damaging certain electricity infrastructure assets and impairing the reliability of the Nation's power grid.

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