Tenable Research Reveals Critical Need to Secure Public Utilities against Cyberattack

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Last week, Tenable published a broad-ranging vulnerability assessment report that claimed to identify four distinct assessment “styles” leveraged by organizations. According to their research, the results provide insight on vulnerability assessment maturation and how to measure it.

In the report, Tenable indicates that the “utilities industry had the highest proportion of the low-maturity Minimalist style overall.” The report also stated that the “utilities industry showed no representatives who followed the mature Diligent style.”

The company states that the report was based on compiling data (methods and results) from 300,000+ scans on 2,100+ individual organizations across 66 countries over a three-month period (March to May 2018). Their report states that they used machine learning algorithms against that data to develop their findings.

Tenable did not clarify what criteria was used to select participant organizations or how each organization was categorized into the eighteen industry categories detailed in the report. They also did not clarify the number of organizations within the “utility” group that were electricity companies.

Tenable is the company behind the commercial version of Nessus, a vulnerability scanner.

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